The Vision


Working together we can solve society’s greatest challenges and change the world.


Be The Change creates national issue-based campaigns, such as ServiceNationOpportunity Nation, and Got Your 6 driven by broad cross-partisan coalitions that inspire culture change and accelerate public policy development to bring about positive changes in our society.


INCLUSION: We celebrate the diversity that is America.  We believe that we’re all in this together, and that successfully overcoming national challenges requires a willingness to work across sectors, with people of different political or philosophical beliefs, and with organizations that might not otherwise join together.

COLLABORATION: Our approach to problem solving demonstrates our belief that collaboration – especially from the most unlikely of partners – is the most effective strategy for overcoming the challenges we face.  We believe that progress is attainable on any issue, even issues where deep-rooted lines have formed.

COLLECTIVE IMPACT: Collaborative efforts amplify the results that a single organization could achieve by itself.  We rely on the talent, enthusiasm, and expertise of our partners to move the ball forward where change is urgently needed. By combining each organization’s unique skills and assets, we’re able to produce concrete results that improve the lives of our fellow Americans.