Be The Change, Inc is a nonprofit organization that creates and manages national issue-based campaigns driven by broad cross-sector coalitions that inspire culture change and accelerate public policy development to bring about positive changes in our society. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Be The Change, Inc. is recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Be The Change currently has three campaigns: ServiceNation, Opportunity Nation, and Got Your 6.  

  • ServiceNation

    ServiceNation is building a movement to make a service year part of American life. We envision the day when “Where will your service year be?” becomes a commonly asked question in our society.

  • Opportunity Nation

    Opportunity Nation is a bipartisan, national campaign comprised of more than 300 businesses, educational institutions, nonprofits and civic organizations working together to expand economic mobility and close the opportunity gap in America.

    Got Your 6

    Got Your 6 is a campaign that unites the entertainment industry with top veteran-focused nonprofit organizations. The goal of the campaign is to bridge the civilian-military divide by creating a new conversation in America, so that veterans and military families are perceived as leaders and civic assets.